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Arguably the biggest platform today, YouTube has become an outlet for its many creators to produce and put out content for all audiences to see. Some of these creators make millions of dollars each year between their videos, merchandise and other avenues of investment.

The appeal of an online platform like YouTube has two sides: the creator and the consumer. The creator does their best to make content that will appeal to their audience, while also trying to stay true to their craft. There are multiple types of channels: beauty, mechanical, tutorial (how to), comedy and gaming, to name a few. With more people watching YouTube, the more issues can occur. With anything that is popular a negative and a positive side will take place.

The negative on YouTube can be seen as misinformation. There are multiple YouTube channels that report on the news occurring. This can be an issue because if a false idea is spread across the platform many people will consume it.

The positive impact of YouTube can be attributed to the access to all different types of information. If you need help fixing a part in your car or braiding your hair for the prom, most likely YouTube will have a video to help. This is the beauty of the platform that has driven many to it.

While there are very large content creators such as David Dobrik (vlogging), Jeffree Star (beauty and makeup influencer) and Shane Dawson (documentaries and conspiracies) there are still many small creators trying to get off the ground. The larger channels can make upward of a million dollars, while the smaller channels are known to make thousands. This is why this platform is so popular. Each influencer has a chance to become a very big influencer and make the millions that they see the larger channels making.

Over the coming years it’s hard to predict trends, but with YouTube’s appeal and popularity at the moment it is easy to see that this platform will still be around for the foreseeable future.