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Stressed student

School has always had an element of stress in it, but recently more expectations have been pushed on high school students to do well.

They are supposed to do well in school, maintain extracurricular activities and participate in some type of sport, all while getting eight hours of sleep. Is it really possible to meet this standard, and if so, does it cause a mental strain on the student?

While stress is by no means a new thing, some teens feel that adults brush it off. In the age of technology it may be easier to access information, but that means more is expected of teens in school.

Almost any teenager you ask that is in school will tell you that school is stressful. Staying on top of assignments is difficult. Managing a social life and extracurricular activities on top of that has proved to be very difficult. Again, this is not a new thing, but it does need to be addressed. With the stress, high anxiety develops for many teens. Some already have difficult home and social lives in addition to the stressful school life.

It is possible to meet the standard, but many things would have to be cut out. Things like hanging out with friends for a long time wouldn’t be a plausible way to spend the day. While working hard is good, overworking can have a negative effect on mental health. So it is possible to meet these expectations — it would just take a lot of work.

It does cause mental strain, but most believe it’s all about balance. Work hard, but make sure to take time to relax. Just keep an eye on how much time you spend relaxing. Overall, high school is very stressful, but a necessary part of being a member of society.