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finding balance

To keep balance, make sure to do things you enjoy, like reading, writing or going to the gym.

Finding a balance in life is an art form that people spend their entire existence trying to find but are unable to. Striving to be able to take everything and not internally combust is something that everyone finds themselves looking to do.

My best friends get at least five texts a day about how this is the day that I quit everything (spoiler alert: I don’t). Being able to juggle many things has become something that I have struggled with, especially as I enter my senior year of high school. From school to work to extracurriculars to social life, it is all a big puzzle that you sometimes want to smash on the floor, but you simply cannot.

While there are some things in your life that you cannot get rid of (school, that weird squeaking noise your window makes every time you open it), be sure to add things that you’re excited about doing. For me, that has become the gym, writing and spending time with the people who are very important to me. Without those things the other struggles would not be worth it.

Having to pretend that I understand anything going on in math class at 11 in the morning becomes pointless if at lunch I cannot spend time gathered with my friends in the middle of a bustling cafeteria.

Making sure that you have things to look forward to and goals is very important as well. Having fun plans after a long week or two might be the exact thing to keep you going. Life doesn’t have to be monotonous and unfun, it’s about finding where the boring parts can lead up to the fun parts. Yes, school that day may be tedious, but having plans with friends over the weekend makes it worth it.

Not a social person? Plan for a day where you do nothing but what makes you happy — play video games, read that book you have been meaning to, simply relax and watch a show you have been meaning to.

All of what I have written is much easier said than done, and as anyone who knows me knows I can give great advice but take none of it. Everything is truly a work in progress and every time I find myself overwhelmed, I just remind myself that taking everything one day at a time will help. There is not much I can do to help my situation if I let myself get too overwhelmed.

So as we enter this school year, just remember to be kind to yourself and try to find the balance you need to have in your life.

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