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Languages say Hello in the world

Languages say Hello in the world

Most countries around the world teach two languages from the time children start to learn. This has resulted in most people worldwide being bilingual or trilingual. So why doesn’t this occur in the United States?

A little more than 20 percent of the United States population is bilingual. China is 73 percent bilingual, and the worldwide percentage is around 60 percent. So why doesn’t the United States teach their children two languages from an early age? Kids are more impressionable and prone to learn than teens are, so why wait until middle or high school to start learning various languages? In all my research, I couldn’t find a reason for the U.S. to not teach foreign languages earlier.

Teaching one through 10 in Spanish is not enough to hope that this generation will become bilingual Spanish speakers. More measures need to be taken in schools to help kids learn foreign languages earlier.

While this problem can’t be solved overnight, I’m sure that some changes to the education system in this area will help solve the issue.