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Upper Lobby 3 (copy)

Glass Christmas ornaments hang in the Upper Lobby at The Greenbrier resort.

The Christmas season is quickly approaching, which entails a plethora of seasonal decor. It seems as if everyone has a different opinion as to when it becomes acceptable to decorate, though.

Personally, I absolutely love all things Christmas related, so my family and I put up our Christmas tree on Nov. 2. Many of my peers, however, have varying thoughts on the topic.

“I don’t think that people should decorate early, because it kinda takes the attention away from Thanksgiving,” said Logan Middle School 7th grader Addy Michaloff.

Another Logan Middle School student, McKenzie Fenwick, said, “I think that people should decorate pretty much anytime that they want, but they should at least wait until after October.”

“I think that it’s OK to decorate early,” said Logan Middle School 8th grader Tionna Eldridge. “Everyone has their own time that they do it, and that’s OK, too. Personally, I decorate after Thanksgiving.”

Another Logan Middle School 7th grader, Lacy Curry, said, “Right after Thanksgiving is over, our Christmas decorations come out of the attic and into the living room, so people should decorate pretty much anytime after Thanksgiving.”

Many adults have their own thoughts on this.

“I already put my Christmas decorations out [Nov. 17], along with my Thanksgiving decorations. I believe that people should decorate whenever they want,” said Nina Mahone, a 61-year-old woman from Logan.

In conclusion, it appears that the majority of people follow the “to each his own,” philosophy. There is no specific time to decorate for Christmas, so most agree that everyone should do it depending on whenever they see fit.