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Staying organized is like a lot of other things — you have to be consistent. In my experience of keeping everything in order there are many ways to be more organized.

Keep your room semi-clean. It doesn’t mean to always have your room immaculate, but make sure that your work space is cleared off. In addition to this, always have paper and writing tools in a drawer neatly placed. You are more likely to be productive when the environment around you is laid out for you. Also, taking 10 to 15 minutes every other day to straighten up your room can help keep it from reaching a point of complete chaos. Avoiding total chaos happens by being consistent in staying on top of things.

Always have a notebook to jot things down in. Whether it be homework, or just things that need to be done when you get home. Writing things down and crossing them off when they are done makes it more likely that you will remember to do them. I like to have a little lined book where I’ll write the date at the top of the page and then write what needs to be done that day under it.

Have a designated spot for things, especially in your backpack or purse. By having things in a spot, when you need them they’ll be right there ready to go. While this may seem simple, knowing where things are is a key part of being organized.

Personally, my preferred method of keeping papers organized is binders with divider tabs. If you do not have divider tabs, a Post-it note works as well. Get all of your papers together and find a common thread for about four groups. Once you have all the groups laid out, it is very easy to put them in the binder and add the dividers where necessary. This can also work as a method of keeping school work organized. Have a binder for each class. If there are two or three classes that you think could fit into one binder put them in one binder. You can make sections for things like homework and on going projects.

The biggest thing about staying organized is being consistent and finding what works for you. By being organized you can become more productive in school and in all activities. Organization is very beneficial in all areas, and trying it could help with a lot of things.