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Some people may disagree, but in-person learning needs to resume or many will fall behind. As a tenth-grade student at Van Jr. Sr. High School, the first two days of school were a little crazy, but most would give a lot to go back.

Online learning has not been going great for many students so far because motivation at home can be difficult for teenagers. There are many distractions that are faced daily such as phones, TV or sleeping. At school, COVID-19 guidelines were met. All students wore masks all day and were six feet apart every second possible. In most subjects, teachers are crucial to learning.

Students have faced many problems using the Schoology website adopted by West Virginia. Some problems include submitting assignments, Wi-Fi unpredictability and finding laptops. Each of these things are crucial to keeping grades up. This, along with trying to learn at home with no teachers, easily frustrates many students. Many students and parents have been placing the blame on teachers, but this is not their fault because many of them are learning just like the students are.

The week of Sept. 28, in-person learning will continue using the 2:1:2 plan. Those with the last name A-K will go to school on Monday, Sept. 28 and Tuesday, Sept. 29 and will do remote learning on Wednesday through Friday; and those with the last name L-Z will go to school on Thursday, Oct. 1 and Friday, Oct. 2 and will do remote learning on Monday through Wednesday. Although this is not an ideal situation, it is the best option to keep all students safe.

Online schooling can be discouraging, but this gives students the opportunity to spend more time with family, have a home cooked meal and create a comfortable working atmosphere.

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