2020 Sundance Film Festival - Day 4

Steve Firkins of Saint Peter, Minnesota, poses in a costume to raise awareness about climate change and promote his movie “The Filmmakers” during the 2020 Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 26, in Park City, Utah.

With the new year and upcoming decade, a lot seems to be changing. Technology, wars, countries, the people and societies’ new ideas. The present is changing so much it’s a little scary, and a lot of people seem to think that, too.

According to a 2018 Chapman University survey, about 73 percent of Americans fear government corruption; 61 percent fear water pollution in oceans, rivers and lakes; 53 percent fear global warming and 55 percent fear air pollution. Concerns over environment and government have only grown the past few years. Why? People are scared of the future closing in on us — they finally realize the impact of their decisions and lifestyles.

In the years leading up to and following the 2016 election, Americans’ fear of these possibilities have been growing, and others are playing on these fears — for their campaigns or their drug ads — so they can get the public to follow them on what they want to do, like anti-vaccines and making everyone fear immigrants who just want a safe home. Because of this fear, the future has gotten even more scary because we’re getting manipulated so easily. People are so scared of corrupt government because of the election of new officials. They’re scared of what will happen and what they’ve done.

America’s scared of the conflict they may bring to the United States. The fear of government corruption has increased drastically over the course of the last few years.

People now are so sensitive to issues and attack each other on social media because of fear. They act so mad and sensitive because of fear. And with social media, more people can know all about it. In this age of information, anyone can know about all of the horrible things that are happening around the world, and that has an effect on people. Now it seems like we’re living in such a bad time because that’s what it’s being blown up to be.

In the past 100 years, times were so much worse. America as a country went through many problems in the 20th century, and in several previous centuries before that. We have it really good right now in life. Everyone has a right to their own person, and most of the serious prejudice of before is gone, though still present.

The world can’t be perfect — humanity can’t be perfect. It never has been and it never will be. But if we let ourselves be controlled by fear, then we’re giving every manipulative person out there what they want. People are easy to control with fear.

There is no need to be scared of a future that hasn’t even happened yet, because we still have time to change it and make it better. Instead of living in fear of the world news, try to focus on the things you can do to help and look for the people who already are helping. You don’t have to feel helpless, you can change things for the better.

With us teenagers still in school, we can prepare to go out into the world confidently and try to change it. Don’t let fear stop you. There will always be problems in the world.

But where there’s problems, there’s people and with people, there is always someone looking to change the world for the better of everyone.