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When did it become controversial to have an opinion? I was going to write about impeachment, but my mind immediately considered the repercussions of my potential words. I have seen, especially in my age group, be divided over their political opinions.

While I am a firm believer in discourse, I do not advocate for unnecessary conflict. In my eyes, discussions have become personal battlefields. The notion of “agreeing to disagree” is a sentiment I tend to live by, respecting another’s opinion as a common denominator.

In the age of social media, opinions are constant. Regardless of where you look, you will see bias, but that’s a part of life. I have an issue with the stereotyping of people due to their beliefs. You do not know someone’s background, story, experiences, etc. when reading a post or even engaging in a short conversation. And on top of that, some will automatically attack your personal attributes when the opinions discussed do not coincide. That culture is dangerous and divisive. Understanding that everyone has the right to think differently than you or even perfectly the same is an important part of respecting human divinity, something I think has been lost in recent times.

I personally see the impeachment inquiries as what they are, an application of the law. Regardless of your beliefs, law is meant to be systematic, clear and impartial. Obviously, throughout history this has not always been the case, but I think we should be open to that perspective. It is essentially a trial with a guilty or innocent response, but it has been magnified to a worldwide scale. As a teen who has not even voted yet, I feel embarrassed to think that our nation’s integrity is almost always in question throughout the world. A nation that prides itself on freedom and equality is constantly embellished with scandal, controversy, corruption, and everything in-between.

In September of 2019, an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump commenced. He allegedly encouraged the government of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden, as well as the suspension of U.S. military aid for Ukraine. Will the President be found guilty? Will he be impeached? Will he resign? Only time will tell.

As the time does pass, I invite everyone to realize that opinions are opinions. They should not be grounds for hating someone, a group or a political party. I relate to the inclination to attack the personal, but I make an avid effort to ignore it and prevent it.