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COVID-19 hasn’t gotten much better and school is starting soon. Some schools are doing all online and some are doing in-person school. Some are even doing half the week in-person and the rest online. They are all different and a lot of people have mixed opinions on what is safe to do and what should be done.

Many colleges have already started and COVID-19 cases have gone up since. Even if your town or state is low in coronavirus cases, it would be hard to keep hundreds of kids in school and keep them from getting each other infected with COVID-19. I don’t think it’s safe to go back to school just yet.

My own school, Logan Middle School, is giving students the choice to either do all online or go two days to school and the rest online. It would be hard to keep kids in school and have them social distance, keep masks on and much more. Even with kids able to go to school, we should have sports. Sports include getting physical and having to be close and it’s not very safe even if they don’t have COVID-19.

Some kids need to go to school for food, but the schools are delivering lunches to everyone. That’s a very good idea for all of the kids who chose all online.

“With certain precautions and the right timing, if everything isn’t getting worse it would be OK, but I think that online school would be safer,” said Alyssa Stone, and eighth grader at Logan Middle School.

Some students don’t agree with the decision to have in-person learning.

“I think it’s dumb,” said Karigan Korody, a freshman at Logan High School. “I understand some kids need to go for food and whatnot, but that’s why they’re delivering lunches. Corona is just gonna last 10 times longer with school starting. There is no way you can keep like 20 kids 6-feet apart in a classroom the size of a closet. Also no one’s gonna keep their masks on.”

Do you think going to school with positive COVID-19 case numbers still high a good idea?