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Cabell County schoolteachers Ginny Noble, right, and Kayla Massie demonstrate outside of Hurricane High School in Putnam County, W.Va, during the first day of a statewide strike by teachers and school personnel on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. While the other 54 state counties have decided to close schools, Putnam county has decided to keep its schools open. The strike was announced the night before by union leaders of the WVEA, AFT-WV and WVSSPA shortly before the state Senate amended and passed an amended version of Senate Bill 451 passed by the House of Delegates; reinstating provisions on allowing charter schools and downplaying the role of seniority among other measures that unions oppose. When asked how long the strike will last, the union leaders said the decision will be made “day by day.”

For centuries, there has been an ongoing cycle of being taught. Teachers who teach the next generation of teachers. Without those who chose to teach, the world might not be where it is today.

Doctors, lawyers, architects, and almost every profession had to be taught how to do what they do. Without this, society would not function. There would not be doctors to make sure everyone is healthy. There would not be architects to build houses.

Teachers are important because they teach the next generation how to keep going. It starts in elementary school when you are taught the basics. Then middle school and on to high school. All of these require people who are willing to spend their lives teaching the next generation. In college, there are professors who teach the next generation of pharmacists, accountants, doctors and countless other professions.

Then there are the teachers who shape who you are today. The teachers who take the extra time to help you with something you don’t understand. Teachers who care about how their students excel in life.

For as much as they give to society, sometimes they are overlooked as something that is just there. Without the people who dedicate themselves to education, people wouldn’t know how to function. Society for the most part overlooks the people who have gotten them where they are. Behind every functioning member of society, there is a group of teachers who took the time to teach them what they know. Behind those teachers are teachers who took time to teach them what to do.

Taking teachers for granted is something that happens in every education system and the surrounding society. By ignoring their requests and acting like they aren’t there the society is basically sabotaging itself. They do so much for the world as a whole. The people who are in the government act as if they weren’t taught what they know by teachers. Teachers are the foundation of a functioning environment, and listening to them and their requests would avoid issues like the strikes.