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Mother Helps Stressed Teenage Daughter With Homework

Adults sometimes mistake teenage anxiety for laziness, but many teens are overwhelmed by climate change and the pandemic on top of trying to do school work. 

Teenage mental health is so important. As much as people don’t like to admit it, most, if not all teens are struggling with mental health in some way or another. I deal with severe anxiety and depression on a daily basis. However, most adults I’ve met write off teenagers’ mental health issues as just being lazy, or something of that nature.

We need to acknowledge that teenagers deal with a lot. Trying to balance school and friends and sometimes jobs can be stressful. We have to plan for the entire future at this age, and that’s terrifying. Adults think they understand, but things are different from when they were children. The world is a lot scarier now, with climate change, police brutality, the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.

Did you know that, according to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death for high school students? And even if teenagers seem happy, or functional, if they tell you that they are depressed, or having thoughts of hurting themselves, please, please listen, and tell them that they are not suffering alone.

Teenage mental health matters. No kid my age should die because they cannot see the future that they have. No kid my age should cry out for help over and over until they give up. So please remind yourself to be gentle with kids my age. You never know what they’re fighting inside their own minds.

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