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My parents would warn, “Beware of the fall. You don’t know what lies there.” From youth, we are instilled with the fear of the fall. The potential threats that lie within the unknown darkness. It is enforced so far into our minds, that we forget it’s there. Until we are stuck within the moment, the fear is a subconscious feeling of dread that we don’t notice. It plagues our minds and changes our rationality. It controls our being and becomes our whole.

Despite this, the fear is intended and designed to protect us. It’s created, so that we may avoid the restless possibilities that haunt our given world. The world is full of beginnings and ends. We are the characters of our stories. Within these stores, we reside and flow through the pages. In our plots, we don’t want to face the challenges and risk the end of the story. We guide the pencil and guard the eraser.

However, every good story comes to an end. The plot thickens and the hero wins. But if there’s no hero, or challenge to face, then the story has no meaning. It’s a book of words that flows, but has no reason to go forward. The climax of the story comes from the challenges within. These challenges are faced, but the fear seems to be subsided. They may compel the character to run away, but, ultimately, the character doesn’t. The character accepts the fear and breaches through the challenge.

Now, if we were to live our lives filled with fear, we would never see any form of story. The setting may be formed, but the story wouldn’t follow actions. There would be no rise, climax, fall or resolution. It would be a shell of what it could be. An endless cycle of what ifs and what could’ve been. A running book of apprehension and doubt. There would be no loser or winner, it would be nothing. Sentences of intrusive thoughts that the character allows to become fate.

Stories are filled with many genres. These genres can include: horror, humor, romance, mystery, thrillers, memoirs and more. But, if there’s no fall, then these stories and genres wouldn’t exist. There would never be an end or plot that sets them apart. Every story would be the same with no growth. The paragraphs will be hollow with echoing letters. As the pages turn, past ones will be forgotten. As the story fades, only the dud of the pencil and the fully intact eraser with be remembered.

Nevertheless, habits can be unlearned and new ones uprooted. If we were to reteach the concepts of the fall, life would take place. Lessons would be found and character development would blossom. The story may conclude, but the contents harbored inside the story will be remembered. The fear may be there, but it won’t control the character. As the character passes and overcomes the challenges, they’ll learn and live. As the character moves, the pages will be smudged and rewritten. A new outlook will become apparent and the genre clear.

Possibly, a horror changes a character’s morals.

A man may scream and realize that, “I shouldn’t have left them!”

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Perhaps, a humorous story changes a character’s outlook.

A cold woman may warm and joke that, “A chicken shouldn’t cross the road!” Every genre and writing is a paper of change. They’re tellings of fear that result in something new. The fall can be perceived as scary, but, it can also be perceived as a necessity.

The fall can be compared to that of a waterfall. A simple stream connects into a rushing storm. As the paths connect, the waters turn and speed. The water may break on rocks and land, but it continues to follow its own path. Then, eventually, the water will fall. This fall continues down, until it reaches the ground. The slamming of abruptness ends the stream. The waterfall has come to its obstacle and, possibly, it ending.

However, this ending and obstacle doesn’t mean that the waterfall is over. The water may flow into another stream, it may condensate into the air, or it may just stop. The water may be drunken by an animal and have its flow ended. The water follows a unique path each time. It faces differences and follows through. It doesn’t stop from the fear and allows the fall. The fall can hurt, but it doesn’t always mean the end.

Life is like a game of gamble. If you don’t put your faith within the chances, then you’ll never win. Your odds will always be against you. The game will never move forward. There’s risks in the bet, but the goal is to go through the chances. If we are willing to bet a game, then we should be willing to risk a fall. A simple drop that changes everything.

The fear of the fall is a recoil of impulse. Impulse is a minuscule whim that has no priority. Fear should be compared to that of whims. A small pull that resides within us, but has no dire need. Fear can break us and build us. It can lurk camouflaged in the shadows and in the caverns of our mind.

What were to happen if we were to give up our standards? Allows what’s to be, to be. To follow our road and move past the speed bumps. What were to happen if we took the bumpy road, instead of the long way around? Fear is nothing more than it is to wake up and go to sleep. It’s a simple draw of chance that irks the soul. We are so limited in our time and pages to write. If we stopped letting fear control us, the page numbers would blend. The numbers wouldn’t be tallied ever so slowly. The fear that possesses us is only a simple drop. A fall.

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