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I have never heard anyone deny the power that the internet has, but in a time when every aspect of life is through a screen, we must sit back and see just how powerful it is. With recent events, such as the short squeeze of stock by a Reddit campaign, it is undeniable to see that the internet has a lot of sway in the real world.

Like many other people in today’s normal, I spend most of my time staring at a screen. From school to recreation — the internet is a primary source in many things. One phenomenon that I personally have taken an interest to in recent months is the sway that the app TikTok has on the music industry. When a song goes viral on the platform, there is a good chance that it will skyrocket on the charts as well. Whether the artist is known or not, it is almost assured that they will get their moment in the spotlight. One song that was successful on its own but was boosted by TikTok was the hit “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo. While the song was already destined to be successful, the boost of popularity on TikTok was no doubt a driving force in it charting number one for multiple weeks.

Nothing is truly safe from the internet as well. With the stocks being manipulated by a group of people on Reddit who chose to invest in GameStop and perform a short squeeze. In the end, their actions caused a hedge fund to close — not something to be considered a small act at all. The way they coordinated an action on the internet is a true show of what it can do.

When all is said and done, I think that we truly need to be observant in the power that the internet holds. It can unite and divide in many ways, but in many cases, it is a resource that is invaluable.

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