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Vaping is one of the biggest problems in American teens today. As a high school student, I am always seeing students vaping. Even though they know that these things can cause health problems, they continue to do it anyway. I wish that students would take better care of their health.

Vaping is a big issue and tobacco companies are feeding off of teen smokers. Before vaping, or Juuling, began, teen smoking rates had started to drop drastically, but now that teens have access to these things more easily, they began to do it more.

Teens don’t care about their health anymore. They think that because they are young, smoking and drinking won’t affect them. Even though there are thousands of articles supporting the argument that Juuling is deadly, students still continue to misuse them.

As a high school student myself, I see it more than teachers and parents. I see the kids everyday getting addicted to nicotine from Juuling and I hope we can help fight it. My hope is that future kids wont have to face the smoking epidemic in their generation.

As a child who has parents who smoke, I know that if this epidemic doesn’t end, it can lead to very dangerous health issues. Lung diseases, including popcorn lung and lung cancer, are a problem. I wish that teens would pay more attention during their health classes so that they can learn that smoking isn’t fun, especially if it can lead to death.

If the tobacco companies were to get shut down or pay closer attention to who their buyers are, they would realize that they may be making money, but they are harming people. Whether it be the air or people, something is being harmed.

Knowing that Juuling is only popular because it looks cool sickens me. I have seen people lose their teeth and have bad lungs just because they thought smoking was cool. It is very obvious that people who go into gas stations are buying Juuls for teens and they need to keep a better control of the situation.