potato pancakes

Foods such as potato pancakes can be part of a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Fruits, vegetables, meat and all kinds of other foods are all within access year-round to most countries around the world. Food is at our fingertips, but now that we can access it easily, what is more humane to eat?

In the thousands of years humans have existed, we have eaten animals for survival. But today, that isn’t something to worry about anymore. And as of now, animals are globally being killed daily, in factories where their whole life is just being fattened, killed and eaten. Factories treat animals horribly, and we consumers have been standing by letting this happen.

A popular belief people have is that animals are killed in the woods and the world would overpopulate if we didn’t kill them. I have to say that cannot be any further from the truth. Animals are born and raised in small pens, and when they produce dairy or get fattened, they are killed. Most often they live in cages, no room to roam or live a life. This is how farm animals live, and there are reasons why this hasn’t been changed.

For example, some would argue this would destroy businesses, and a general part of the food industry. There are replacements. As a vegetarian, I have spent years eating veggie replacements: tofu burgers, tofu turkey, tofu hotdogs, the list goes on and on. A few good replacements for meat are tofu, beans and soy, which usually are tasty.

You may think being vegetarian or vegan may be hard, but with all this food at our access it makes it tremendously easier. Another discouraging factor is the expenses that it may cause, especially for those who are my age, and are trying to stop eating meat and/or dairy. It’s hard to try to pull that off and not spend much or any extra money. You don’t have to buy the expensive meat replacement. You should just broaden your diet to the many things out there worldwide, and I can guarantee that if you look, you’ll find something new.

There’s also many vegan and vegetarian recipes out there that will help your search. If you ever decide to go somewhere and eat vegetarian/vegan food, there are plenty of restaurants out there. It may not seem like it, but there are usually a lot of choices.

For example, Italian restaurants are some of the most vegetarian places around. There is a lot of variety in their menus, and their food is very well liked. There are also a few Indian restaurants around, and they are vegetarian and vegan friendly. It’s nice to try a wide variety of foods and doing this pushes you to look for them and try new things.

As for the future of eating, if we can manage to lower the amount of food we buy and produce, then I think that the future will be a lot brighter, and I believe that someday this change will come.