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Out of all the active generations, it can be argued that Gen Z has the most humor about situations. In the face of danger, we make memes and TikTok videos regarding how we would die. While other generations see us as being immature and unable to handle reality, the truth of the matter is humor is our coping mechanism.

I am going to use a recent example — the threat of a third World War. While the Boomers and Gen Xers were all watching the news channels waiting for the next development, Gen Z was on TikTok making endless jokes about being drafted. While some people I’ve talked to say that it’s because this generation is spoiled, I think it is something very different.

In previous generations, you cannot deny that the kids were more sheltered. They weren’t exposed to as much so young and it has to do with the progression we’ve encountered. Kids as young as six years old are getting smartphones. With access to this type of technology, we can keep advancing as a people and that in itself is invaluable, but instead of just writing it off as something Gen Z does to annoy others, see it as a balance out.

Personally, I love the humor. I find it a great way to get through the day and I don’t understand why some people get so mean when referencing it. Such as when I was speaking with an adult simply trying to discuss why Gen Z is so sarcastic and the adult quickly said, “‘It’s because you’re spoiled.”

Quick write offs such as this is why it hasn’t been resolved. When you are short about it and just write it off as a deficiency, of course you are going to have an opinion on the matter that isn’t very subject to change. I’m not asking you to agree, I’m just asking for you to hear me out.

It’s also why the phrase “OK, Boomer” became such a big deal. It started as a meme, a joke, to say to people when they are obviously very set in their ways and will not reason. Being old doesn’t make you a boomer and when people get offended by the phrase, it just makes Gen Z want to say it more because you’re acting in the way the phrase was meant to be used. The phrase isn’t meant as a write off that you shouldn’t be listened to, it’s just a quick defense used against those who won’t reason.

Overall, we just need to have more conversations and not just shut people down because of their beliefs. The reason Gen Z uses so much humor is because it is very much easier to face serious topics when you are also joking about them — it’s not as crude and bad as it might seem. While keeping it respectful, it is a lot easier than seriously discussing the issues we face in the world today.