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Teachers are a very important part of society, and as of late, they haven’t gotten nearly as much appreciation as they should.

The teachers strike is proof. They had to do so much protesting just to get a raise. While it had worked, it took much more effort than it should’ve. There are supposed to be people representing teachers at the Capitol, and even though there are people working to help them, they still had to protest.

While there may be disrespect coming from students to their teachers in the classroom, there is also disrespect coming from the higher positions in education and politics. You could say this about a lot of other state workers, too.

Back in the older times, when education was a lot less available to people, teachers were very valued. People respected teachers a lot back then when all teachers were men. It may just be a coincidence, but when more women started filling the occupation, people started to care about them less and less. Now, the majority of teachers in the United States are female. What’s happening now? Their pay is low. You could also blame the fact that women tend to be paid less than men. It’s true, there are many studies to prove it.

Despite their situation, man or woman, teachers contribute to society in a way that is so important to us. They teach us how to thrive and survive in society, what it means to be a compassionate person, and they push us to become something better and greater. Without them, we’d all be suffering greatly. They are a key part in our humanity and have been for hundreds of years, and hopefully many more.

During the teachers strike, it wasn’t just teachers and students taking time off from school. In a way we were still in school, because it was a lesson. The people in West Virginia were taught to stand up for what you believe is right, and that we all have the right to protest.

It doesn’t matter what those against us thought about teachers, what matters is them realizing that it was wrong. It’s wrong to take rights away from a person because you think you have power over them. Teachers have the right to protest and that will never be taken away from them. No matter what anyone may try to do, this is a democracy. Everyone has the right to their own voice, and that can never be taken away.

I’ve seen politicians try to take away teachers’ right to strike. It’s not bad, it’s not illegal. They have just as much of a right to strike as any other workers, just like the coal miners’ protests that have taken place in West Virginia. There is a reason unions exist: to manage the strikes and keep protests peaceful.

The teachers were organized and had the help of unions. They were protesting legally and didn’t cause any violence. They were perfectly under their rights of the Constitution to petition their representatives, and it’s going to stay that way.

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