Another rainy and gloomy day descends upon our hills, while we beat in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The younger generation is anxiously counting the days until Christmastime comes, while the shopping places are full of gifts to buy, and advertising their wares in colorful and…

Can you remember when you were 14? I can. I was going to change the world. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t attempt. Especially if someone told me something was impossible. There was the time my brother drove across a bridge and saw me in line waiting to jump off with my friends who were swi…

We are now well past the lazy-day summertime refreshments on the patio or in the front porch swing, but there have to be thoughts of winter holiday brunches taking root sooner or later, and sports tailgates continuing. I think that’s the Super Bowl on the horizon.

Editor’s Note: The letter, carefully penned in a cursive script, began simply enough: “The Gazette says that if you have a good story, send it to us with the information and let us share it with others.” That much is right. Then the author scribbled an apologetic afterthought: “I’m no story …

A lovely December day opens up before us, with blue skies and sunshine blessing our hills. It is such a privilege to live where the seasons do change, with each one with its special beauty and benefits. Some folks are hoping for a blanket of snow to cover our brown landscape, while others lo…

A few years ago, we hired a young man to do some work in our home. As I watched him work, we enjoyed friendly conversation about our families, our interests and finally, the impending holidays. That’s when the conversation went off the rails!

LEWES, Delaware — Strolling past a weathered gray cottage, which looked like it might have been plucked from a sandy back lane on Nantucket, that storied island south of Cape Cod, I inhaled the perfume of the pink and red roses that spilled over the freshly painted picket fence. I was in Lew…

Funerals for Monday, December 16, 2019

Burnette, Elaine - 1 p.m., Cooke Funeral Home Chapel, Cedar Grove.

Cobb, Steven - 2 p.m., Tyler Mountain Funeral Home, Cross Lanes.

Cumberledge, George - 11 a.m., Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home, Weston.

Day, Richard - 10:30 a.m., Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery, Dunbar.

Merritt, Billie - 11 a.m., Fidler & Frame Funeral Home, Belle.

Mullins, Juanita - 6 p.m., Hughes Creek Community Church, Activity Building.

Mullins, Mollie - 1 p.m., Leonard Johnson Funeral Home, Marmet.

Osborne, Rocky - 11 a.m., Osborne Cemetery, Williams Mountain.

Pauley, Charles - 1 p.m., Koontz Funeral Home, Hamlin.

Riley, David - 11 a.m., Bartlett - Nichols Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Samples, James - Noon, Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane.

Starcher, James - 1 p.m., John H. Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer.

Stollings, Lorean - 2 p.m., Evans Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Chapmanville.