Eric Douglas was working on the Charleston Newspapers Metro Staff in the early 1990s when a friend and mentor invited him on a trip to Russia in January 1993. The other travelers were all educators who were visiting to work with one of the suburbs of Moscow. The Soviet Union had broken up a …


Dear Abby: Is there a delicate way for me to tell my boyfriend not to use the same online floral delivery service again? The birthday bouquet he had delivered to me arrived with limp, wilted, torn petals and leaves and broken stems. It was one of those box-of-flowers deliveries.

Let’s not call them resolutions, I’m really bad at keeping those. Let’s call them “garden thoughts for the new year.” These are January ideas to help keep me, and you, on track throughout the next 12 months — and hopefully beyond.

There’s this thing I can’t seem to help myself from doing when I’m on vacation. Something I’ve actually done since I was a child, on summer break. It’s that I allow myself to notice the end, recognize how much closer it is than the start.

The beginning of a new year is the time for many of us to update our files, check out all the paperwork that pertains to the past year, and store away the things that we need to keep. This involves my going through the old wooden chest that holds the records of the past. Oh, what a time-cons…

In violation of the separation of church and state, American tax dollars are funneled to fundamentalist private schools teaching peculiar things — such as a claim that Noah probably took two baby dinosaurs onto his ark.

The morning sun shone through my windshield, warming my face as I drove east on I-64. Had it not been for where I was going and why, I might have been rather dazzled by this unseasonably warm Jan. 13 morning. Instead of today’s 56 degrees, we usually have snow, sometimes of blizzard proporti…

Snuggle up with a great book during these chilly winter days. Our list today ranges from novels to picture books that will warm your heart and soul. Make some hot cocoa grab and one of these wonderful books.


Campbell, Virginia - 2 p.m., Wallace Funeral Home & Chapel, Barboursville.

Fisher, Helen - 6 p.m., Cunningham - Parker - Johnson Funeral Home, Charleston.

Johnson, Linda - 2 p.m., Highland Memory Gardens, Chapmanville.

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King, Charles - Noon, Cooke Funeral Home Chapel, Nitro.

Pauley, Bernice - 11 a.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.

Sigman, Christopher - 2 p.m., Propps Family Cemetery, Summersville.

Williams, Archie - 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.