From the Kitchen: A meal for ghosts and goblins

Editor’s Note: In last week’s recipe for Shrimp Napalm in this column, the instructions said to “Place onion and garlic in blender or processor with any butter and all the remaining ingredients.” They should have specified “... all the remaining ingredients except the shrimp.”

Every year we have a Trick-or-Treat dinner party for the ghosts and goblins of our acquaintance. It’s a method of hopefully getting something nutritious into them on the most sugary night of nights.

Do you eagerly anticipate handing out the goodies or do you turn off the porchlight and pretend you aren’t home? I’m not judging. I’m open to both.

I try to pick something for the menu that passes as kid-friendly and yet appealing to adults.

Many a soup, salad, sandwich and casserole has graced the table over the years. This year isn’t any different with the planned layout of golden goodie appetizers from the past, minestrone, vegetable lasagna, Greek mac and cheese and more.

How does a Mexican-influenced flat “sandwich” and a punch made from apple cider sound as a Halloween filler-upper before the gang goes after the loot?

Something that I still remember as sounding so good is what Nancy Kimble, the nurse in Dr. Mely Lim’s office, said last year that she was making for Halloween dinner.

She, too, has a family meal before everyone makes the rounds and this particular holiday she was doing taco soup and corn muffins, a perfect combination. It sounded so satisfying, flavorful and comforting to me.

The “sandwich” today, which is officially a quesadilla, is handily made with rotisserie chicken or the chicken can be omitted, keeping the cheese.

If you want to go an extra step beyond what’s listed in the recipe, additions can be sauteed vegetables, such as squash, thinly sliced bell peppers, or mushrooms.

You can also swap out the chicken and fillings for egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad, pimento cheese and so on, filling with crisp lettuce and ripe tomato after grilling.

Or, how about one more go-round in honor of Elvis (will there still be someone, somewhere so costumed?) by having a peanut butter and banana quesadilla, extra butter on the griddle.

Stir up the multi-flavored taste-of-fall punch as a thirst quencher for both before and after the scary scavengers make their circuit. I only require that they save a few Snickers for me.

Have a spooky Halloween!

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