From the Kitchen: A secret ingredient to avoid

How about having some cake (recipe) and eating it too? I think it’s time for dessert and white-on-white cake is one of the best.

Course, we never forget chocolate cake, whether it’s chocolate with sour cream, chocolate with pudding mix, chocolate baked in a way that results in a chocolate sauce and cake all in one, or even chocolate with mayonnaise.

Yep. Mayo. That sandwich staple for which no potato salad is worth a nibble. Don’t be put off by the mayonnaise.

You will find the recipe at After making it, you will have a moist and velvety cake with a tender crumb. It’s especially good made with the dark chocolate cake mix. It tastes like an Oreo cookie.

I’ve made the mayonnaise cake recipe using yellow cake mix as a test to see if it would work. I can vouch for it being just as satisfying.

However, white cake mix and mayonnaise is the devil’s own invention. It wasn’t good and I’m still puzzled why. Don’t even go there.

But you can rely upon the recipe today. I long ago found a recipe online intended for white cupcakes, but I always made it as a layer cake. It has been to many a family birthday party.

I labeled it “excellent” in my files after making it, even though I first thought the recipe was wrong.

It called for flour and sugar to be added to a cake mix. What in the world? But it was delicious. I say was, because I later came upon the cake below and found it to be just as fine as the “excellent.”

I specify Pillsbury as the box mix to go with only because that’s the one I used to test. I don’t know how the recipe would perform in another brand.

You have to have something to crown the cake beyond a pitiful dusting of powdered sugar. That’s where the cream cheese recipe comes in.

I couldn’t decide which different cream cheese icing to give you — the buttercream cream cheese or the cream cheese whipped cream. The whipped won the arm wrestle.

It’s fluffy and mild and spreads well on the cake. It’s very important to beat the cream cheese until perfectly smooth. You don’t want any lumps in the frosting.

This ivory cake is perfect for your next family gathering or for taking to that pot luck. Bet someone will ask for the recipe. But not until after they have polished off a couple slices.

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