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From the Kitchen: A smooth(ie) slide into summer

“You’re an old smoothie,” goes the song lyric. Smooth as silk. Smooth as glass. Smooth move. Smooth talker. Smooth operator. Can you guess where I’m heading with recipes today?

I was inspired to try a smoothie recipe by one that was in a recent purchase of mine, “The Happy Cookbook.”

It’s a relatively new publication from Steve Doocy and his wife, Kathy. Steve is a co-anchor on the early morning show “Fox and Friends” on the Fox Network.

According to the information in the book, it’s full of recipes that are intended to make you happy when you eat them or have you recalling happy memories of food you grew up on.

Thus the meaning behind the cookbook’s title.

However, there’s a more touching reason for the book, full of their family favorites. As it was explained in the intro, a few years ago Kathy developed ocular melanoma — a rare kind of eye cancer.

Fearing the worst, she realized that if anything happened to her, no one would be able to cook for her children. Someone needed to know the recipes they loved.

So the couple got to work and now, two years later, that effort has become a top-seller — and thankfully, as I understand it, Kathy has a positive prognosis.

There are lots of appealing recipes in the book (I’ve tried several) besides the Doocy’s most memorable.

Friends, relatives and co-workers have been brought onto the pages as well by sharing their recipes, which the Doocy family has come to adopt.

The Doocy smoothie (I call it citrus ’n’ berry smoothie) was demonstrated by Steve when he made an on-air surprise visit to a couple of faithful viewers in Florida.

He whizzed up the beverage in their kitchen on live television, making it very attractive and tempting me to try it.

The recipe called for almond milk and a nutrition powder. I omitted the powder and changed the milk to half and half.

You can choose any milk you like — whole, low-fat, lactose-free, almond and so on, as a way to go for many a shake.

My change was because I always keep the light cream on hand for cooking. For coffee I would tend to reach for it more often than I would, say, almond milk.

Since almond milk put in an appearance in his recipe, I searched the milk brand’s website and found today’s second recipe, with, again, an adjustment in the recipe.

The appeal of the fruit smoothies is attested to by certain discerning young palates around our home place.

Load your freezer with bags of frozen fruit and prepare for smooth sailing when it comes to beverages for breakfast and snacks.


Megan Berry is searching for a “new” egg salad recipe that might differ from her trusted egg-and-olive salad from childhood.

In her request she wrote that she especially enjoyed the egg salad at the now-closed Chesapeake Bagel Bakery on Capitol Street. She would love the recipe.

Does anyone remember that dish and possibly have the recipe? Or one similar? Or even one that you would term a “different” way to achieve egg salad?

Berry and I would love to hear from you. You may email my address if something turns up.

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