From the Kitchen: Bacon and (Deviled) Eggs

Bacon deviled eggs sounds like a picnic-party food, perfect as a carry-along to your next gleeful gathering. But it could also claim to be a finger food for brunch.

Today’s recipe popped up in a French’s ad and I adapted it to our liking. It calls for, natch, French’s Fried Onions.

But, to get a little sassy and make some serious trouble, you could use the French’s Crispy Jalapenos or canned sliced jalapenos along with or instead of the onions. That would be a slam-dunk morning eye-opener.

Do you sprinkle your deviled eggs with paprika? Potato salad, too? No matter the recipe? So do I. I think it’s in the city charter somewhere that paprika be always applied to those dishes.

The eggs don’t call for much bacon — only one tablespoon. You can rely on the store-bought already crumbled pieces or the pre-cooked slices.

Or fry up one slice of fresh. However, I dare you to just do the one because after it starts frying and the aroma hits, you know you have to have more to nibble on.

I didn’t mean to stray from eggs to bacon. Picking up on eggs, are you watching your carbs? On the keto plan? Or simply trying to cut back on bread?

If you are, this is an idea to pass along for fans of the egg-in-a-hole breakfast staple, minus the bread.

Slice a whole bell pepper crosswise into slightly wide rings, discarding the seeds and ribs, so that you have a circle of pepper.

Sautee the ring on both cut sides in a little olive oil or butter in skillet. You want the ring somewhat pliable, but still sturdy enough for the sides to hold up. Mostly you want to mellow out the raw pepper taste.

Break an egg into the center, season with salt and pepper and cook until desired doneness, turning once.

The only drawback is the absence of that perfectly golden, crisply grilled circle of bread.

On the bright side, it won’t be there to tempt you.

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