From the Kitchen: Cookie-palooza, continued

Ready for Christmas cookies? Thought you might be. Today is the continuation of my promised ongoing cookie-palooza, with two recipes that come on the heels of the lemon cookie from Roger Stanley who started the ball rolling a few columns ago.

This duet of sweetness, half of a quartet of cookies, made it to the designated guinea pigs, or rather, distinguished tasters in the offices of the Kanawha City Department of Motor Vehicles and the Robinson McElwee law office downtown and passed their test. Now it’s up to you.

The recipe for lemon tart filling called for a full jar of lemon curd.

I found the full recipe was more than needed. So the recipe today is cut in half for you. That’s why you see the awkward half a jar of curd.

When I realized I had a plentiful lemon mixture, though, I made a pie crust and placed the fluffy citrus leftovers in it, labeling it a lemon cream pie. Hopefully you won’t have to do that.

As for the coconut cookies, even those who claimed to not like coconut had good words to say about it.

The sour cream involved in the cookie attracted me to it. What’s not to like when you see cream and butter center stage in a recipe?

The nuttiness of the toasted coconut was a perfect accent to the creamy frosting. Again, butter and cream play a major role in the cookie topping.

In a related grocery news matter, Eagle Brand milk, known as sweetened condensed milk, now comes in a squeezable plastic bottle. Hooray!

Now you can divide those recipes in half that call for a whole can of the milk. Look for it on the shelf with the cans.

Next up for cookie-palooza will be the cranberry cheesecake bars and chocolate ganache bites. More to follow those, so get your aprons tied.

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