From the Kitchen: 'Dad's Special' is a convenient time saver

I referenced today’s recipe in my Dec. 18 column about family have-to-make holiday recipes, stating that “Dad’s Special” would be forthcoming. It’s here now.

“This isn’t a particular holiday recipe, but it’s really a family favorite,” said Lynn Bostic, office manager for a local medical practice.

“The first time mom made this for my dad, he loved it so much she named it for him,” she added. “We enjoyed it when I was growing up and in turn, I make it for my family. When each of my boys turned 18, they learned to make it and tuna casserole to have at college. It always turned out that more classmates than expected showed up anytime they were cooking.”

It’s a homey, old-fashioned, stick-to-the-ribs dish with mushrooms and noodles, mimicking a beef stroganoff.

Bostic pointed out you can use one to two cans of soup to one can of milk, but to remember that you want the mixture to be thick.

She didn’t say, but it looks like you could prepare the casserole up to the point of being ready to bake, cover and refrigerate or even freeze until needed.

If going the freezing route, I might wait on sprinkling the cheese over the top until baking time instead of freezing it, thinking it may produce a fresher touch.

You don’t have to be going off to college or feeding a father to make the casserole, but if you are a part of the outside-the-home workforce, as Bostic is, you have the option of making this the evening before or early in the day, when you have time for it to be baked the same way — when you have the time.

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