From the Kitchen: Get ready for game day

Looking for a filling sandwich filler for Super Bowl Sunday? You might like this Buffalo chicken filling for sandwich rings, an amped-up grilled cheese, subs or any variety of party sliders.

For those who weren’t a part of the early Pampered Chef party generation, the sandwich ring of yesteryear is where meat, cheese and vegetable mixtures meet crescent rolls, all of it fashioned into a ring and baked.

In the granddaddy of all rings, the eternal beefy taco circle, salsa was usually presented in a hollowed-out bell pepper, placed in the center of the ring for flair and handy serving.

If you don’t have the taco ring recipe or a source for it, Pillsbury, who bought Pampered Chef years ago, has it on their website, along with all the other variations of rings that have been developed over the years.

Today’s filling can be used for such a sandwich ring to dot your Super Bowl landscape of food fabulousness. Construction directions are included in the recipe.

I gave a Buffalo sauce recipe last year and if you kept it, you can use it here. Otherwise your own invention or any favorite bottled store-bought is fine.

The filling contains chicken, but that can be eliminated if you want to just go with a cheese spread for burgers, sliders and subs that already contain different proteins. For cheese-only, you may want to increase the cheese amounts.

The mixture would make a good grilled cheese, even with the chicken, providing more heartiness to the bite. Think of a good multigrain bread for crunch and interest.

I personally made the chicken sandwich in the ancient ring shape for testing. Old dog, old tricks.


Another recipe from yesteryear is the Classic Roka Cheese Ball from Kraft. It calls for the 5-ounce jar of Roka Blue Spread, an item that has all but disappeared in our local and outlying grocery stores.

A check online finds the same missing ingredient in many states. Until now. I ran into the product on display in front of the dairy case at Smith’s Food Fair in Big Chimney.

When I told the department manager about the difficulty with the cheese, he told me they get it in just for the holidays every year.

I expect the Elkview Food Fair may have it as well. There were several jars when I was at Big Chimney a couple weeks ago. I’m giving the classic recipe below in case you would want to try it for a sports party or otherwise.

In the absence of the Roka Blue cheese, one reader let me know she had made it with Kraft pineapple spread with success.

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