From the Kitchen: No-bake cobbler, with fruits fresh off the vine

Blackberry season is here. Since I’ve heard that snakes favor the blackberry bushes as hide-outs, I’ll allow you to go alone into the fields and hillsides to pick the ripe, dark and juicy, plump berries that signal it must be summer. I’ll be waiting in the car.

I find it’s easier for me to come by my fresh blackberries via the nearest grocery store or farmer’s market.

I like them safely tucked into those cardboard or vented plastic containers, devoid of any rattling noises around me.

Or even purchased frozen. That is better than messing around in a meadow. Have you ever heard any hissing coming from the freezer bag? Didn’t think so. Neither have I.

But be honest here. If you do go berry picking, are you known to eat more than you drop into the bucket?

Whichever way you obtain your blackberries, the dessert today will most likely send your taste buds reeling.

I call it “dumplings” but it’s also known as an old-fashioned “grunt.” I didn’t go with that term. It sounds like I’m describing noises made by farm animals.

Rather, it’s a simple mix-up of a rich, butter and cream, biscuit-like batter that’s dropped over simmering, sweetened fresh or frozen berries. All accomplished on a stovetop in a matter of minutes. No baking involved with this cobbler-wannabe.

You might consider sprinkling the dumplings with cinnamon-sugar when you drop them into the liquid for a flavor boost and sweetness.

Don’t forget to top the hot-from-the-pot dumplings with ice cream or sweetened whipped cream. Can anyone say “delightful calories?”

This treatment for those ripe-and-ready berries may be the solution when looking for something homey and comforting for dinner.

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