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Some time back, I spied a pepperoni cheese in the grocery deli case and bought it first for placing on a pizza.

Then daughter Gina gave me a cookbook that had the eggs and pepperoni recipe below. The egg bake seems a perfect spot to inject the pepperoni cheese.

One of Mr. G’s favorite morning mix-ups is fried pepperoni — add eggs and scramble together. I think it’s an Italian thing.

The pepperoni cheese is at Bigley Piggly Wiggly. If you are a Walmart-er, you might check your store. Our Southridge used to carry it, but recently discontinued.

If you don’t find it, try using pepper Jack or any favorite cheese. You could go mild with the shredded Italian blend or the ever-dependable Cheddar.

Kroger has a shredded, habanero blend cheese and Walmart has both a shredded and sliced habanero-jalapeño cheese, in case you really want breakfast to wake you up.

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We’re coming up on Mardi Gras next month. As a tribute, you could make the praline pecan biscuit to go with your spicy egg dish.

It’s a quick and easy delight with few ingredients. The butter and brown sugar added to pecans swirled over a flaky biscuit makes it seem you are having pecan pie for breakfast.

The actual pie wouldn’t be a bad idea, either, come to think of it.

As a morning treat, bake up the biscuits and toss together a refrigerated fresh fruit compote.

The bread would serve to round out the plate and the chilled fruit for cooling the palate.

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