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Are we finished with turkey for a while? I know some of you have been hammed-out to no end as well since Christmas, so please excuse the recipe today that brings up the brothers of a cured ham — bacon and tenderloin.

Maybe the sweet and savory, mustard-y marinade for the meat will work to turn up the volume on your appetite for just one more bite of pork.

You have to refrigerate the tenderloin in the liquid mixture for at least two hours, turning it every hour. Or just move it around whenever you think about it as you go around the house.

Mine marinated for four hours.

The process is to marinate the meat, then wrap the tenderloins in bacon and lightly brown them in a skillet. I used my cast-iron skillet for that since after the browning it goes into the oven.

Now you need something to go with it. Does Garlic Parmesan Orzo sound like the perfect side dish for dinner? It’s a risotto wannabe, made with the small pasta that resembles rice but produced without all the stirring of a risotto.

I would suggest the pork-flavored Stovetop stuffing as a side also, but you might think that elevates the menu as getting too Thanksgiving-y.

The crisp, salty bacon of the tenderloin cuts through any heavy creaminess of the orzo. The toss-in of spinach helps remind your taste buds that spinach always does well when partnered with cream. Wrap your taste buds around the pork-highlighted meal. Squealing with delight won’t be frowned upon.

Here is a little tip from husband Victor, the tax specialist. He isn’t a cook and he doesn’t collect and try recipes, but he does have stacks of tax and business news. This tidbit is food-related and one he recently received and shared.

It seems businesses get a nice surprise in 2021. They can deduct 100% of business meals in 2021 and 2022, as Congress decided to suspend the 50% rule, increasing it to a total 100% for two years to encourage more restaurant dining. This includes client meals as well as meals for employees on business travel. Cheers!

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