From the Kitchen: A beef-free Father's Day burger to grill

This is an “I don’t know why, we just do” moment. We think that Mom has to have breakfast or a brunch and Dad has to have a honkin’ big steak or a pile of ribs on their special days.

We always seem to hang those meals on them each May and June. It’s a puzzle.

I’m falling into the same habit today, by giving a recipe for Father’s Day, but with a twist. This one has nary a beef or pork product in sight. However, as a burger, it’s still in the trio of “food fitting for dad.”

The recipe is made with ... wait for it ... turkey! And, more than that, it contains pineapple.

OK. I’ll give you a moment to recover.

But don’t you bet that gentlemen all over Hawaii are enjoying it this very minute? And the possible diet-conscious gals who will also be dining might enjoy the lighter choice?

This burger stands up to the grill — the appliance — along with the much-ballyhooed smoker, which is another constant in the necessary lineup for Pop’s day.

To be certain your choice of ground turkey is as moist as possible, watch the packaging. You want the label to state “ground turkey” and not “ground turkey breast.” Often they are sold side-by-side and I’ve made the mistake of getting the ground breast. It was Sahara Desert-dry after cooking.

The recipe calls for Asian seasoning. We’ve been down this road before with my calling for the Asian seasoning in a recipe. It’s most often difficult to find.

McCormick and Pampered Chef both have good Asian mixes. If you’re lucky, you can find the McCormick in the grocery store. I found my McCormick Asian when Bigley Piggly Wiggly (I love to say that) was Foodland, but they no longer stock it. I’m sure that owner Jeff Joseph would order it if asked.

The Pampered Chef can easily be ordered from a consultant. If you don’t have a representative, go to, give your location and they will supply you with a name of one near you.

From what I can make out from searching the ingredients for Asian seasoning, you could mix garlic powder, orange peel, lemon pepper, black pepper, salt, and cayenne or crushed pepper flakes to taste and have a similar blend.

Dried ginger and dried onion are parts of the dry mix, too, but if you’re making this burger, those ingredients are already included in the recipe. Just add them into the seasoning mix afterwards for storing on the shelf.

You can also stir a little teriyaki sauce into the mayonnaise for a zesty spread over the burger. Be watchful that you don’t add too much teriyaki — it could get drippy.

But isn’t that the way we like our burgers? Juice running down our arms? I’m just concerned it may stain the inevitable tie that dad will be receiving, the one he will immediately put on over his T-shirt out of affection for the giver.

Happy Father’s Day all you dads, granddads and those who assume the role of father in someone’s life!


A couple days after the dust settled on judgments of the food at Taste-of-ALL, I received the people’s choice finals which were highlighted in my column last week.

I realized something stood out about those wins that I feel compelled to point out. Christopher Kirksey, executive chef at the Charleston Marriott, captured first place for the all food he prepared for the day!

The newspaper critic’s award went to his crab cake slider. Then, in the people’s choice categories, he tied for first place in desserts for a smooth peanut butter pie and first place in beverages for a popular watermelon fresca.

A well-done congratulations to Kirksey and his team. It has only happened once before, back in time, when the former Distinctive Gourmet at the Civic Center garnered all firsts for their food.

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