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From the Kitchen: A quick and easy path to hollandaise

The steps to from-scratch hollandaise seem fussy and overly complicated. I don’t want you fiddling around with raw eggs and hot butter that curdles so quickly.

Pampered Chef long ago came out with a simple but foolproof hollandaise by doctoring a packaged mix. Yes. Dry packaged mix. I heard the collective gasp from all the classically trained chefs out there.

It works and you can use the finished product over cooked asparagus and broccoli spears, as well as on the classic brunch showstopper, Eggs Benedict.

That dish is a layered affair, beginning with a toasted English muffin base, ham or Canadian bacon slice (sandwich-size pepperoni slices, thinly sliced grilled beef tenderloin, or a cooked breakfast sausage patty when you feel whimsical) and poached egg, drenched in the rich sauce, with or without a dusting of paprika.

Hollandaise is one of the five mother sauces in French cuisine. I somehow think it’s actually mayonnaise that hasn’t set up properly so that a knife will stand upright in it. Similar ingredients in both, but in differing proportions, method and outcome.

And speaking of knife sticking — how many times do you find one still standing in an open mayo jar on your kitchen counter or table after someone has made a sandwich? Sounds like home to me.

Mentioning asparagus and broccoli, if you make hollandaise to drizzle over the poached or roasted spears, stir in your desired amount of finely diced fresh jalapeno (or canned green chiles) and drained pimento or sprinkle in some Cajun seasoning for a little zip.

Hollandaise, made from the mix, is also the base for my seafood Newberg sauce. It doesn’t always have to be drizzled over something.

Don’t let any squash get away from you this season before making the squash latkes. I’m tossing that recipe in just in case you need one more idea for zucchini or yellow squash before you tire of them completely. The latkes (vegetable pancakes) would also benefit from a dash of hollandaise.

Keep the drizzling of hollandaise in mind when you want to go a little “foo-foo” with a dramatic presentation on any suitable dish.

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