From the Kitchen: A salsa recipe to catch the end of canning season

I believe I’m either coming in on the very absolute tail end of the canning season or have missed it completely by a few weeks with today’s recipe. If so, this salsa will hold until the new crop of veggies come into play.

The University of Charleston’s football season had already started this fall when I received the recipe from Sandy Bowles, professor of nursing, Dean Emeritus of Bradford Division of Health Sciences and UC’s Director of Special Projects for the School of Pharmacy.

We were at the UC football game discussing her garden vegetables when she told me about having just made salsa from her harvest, canning multiple jars.

I was interested. However, when I asked her specifically what goes into it, she said it’s her brother Fred’s recipe and she had to contact him for his permission to release it. I waited and here it is, with a little backstory and a modification, as you will see.

“I grew up in a restaurant family in New Martinsville,” said Bowles. “My dad owned and operated a very popular family restaurant on Rt.2 just north of the city called The White House. (Maybe one of you reading this will remember the place.)

She related that David Sulsberger, her father, became known for his French dressing that drew people from all over to the restaurant to enjoy and to purchase. Maybe I need to know that recipe, too.

Bowles continued her story: “My mother made all the pies, which were equally as famous as the dressing. Brother Fred still lives in New Martinsville, where he once operated the cafeteria at Mobay Chemicals and was a successful caterer. He concocted the salsa.”

She gave a little tip regarding the salsa spiciness. “The recipe doesn’t say, but the degree of heat depends upon the amount of jalapeno seeds you choose to put into the mix.” Okay.

When I saw the recipe, it confirmed what she told me about the number of pints of salsa she put up.

Not counting all the other multiples in the recipe, it starts off with 15 pounds of tomatoes. Math isn’t my forte, but I took a stab at reducing the recipe just in case you would like a smaller batch.

Appreciation to Sandy and Fred for sharing the salsa and apologies to Fred if I didn’t get the modifications correct in my takeoff on his recipe.

It sounds like a foolproof blueprint, no matter which way you go with amounts.

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