From the Kitchen: Mashed potato in a cup

Please say you still don’t have mashed potatoes hanging around post-Thanksgiving dinner.

In case you were lucky and they are all gone, today’s recipe can be made anytime because you don’t need any home-mashed potatoes to accomplish potato heaven.

You can easily follow the recipe using the store-bought. Or if you feel guilty not making your own, check the number of cups or servings in the Bob Evans package and make that amount of homemade.

The potatoes turn out to be a somewhat fancy cross, though a stretch, between those old-timey fried mashed potato patties (I love them) and a twice baked potato. The cheese and sour cream gives the twice-baked feel.

The cups are perfected in a muffin/cupcake pan, so each person will feel special when you present them with individual portions on their plate.

Switching gears, I had an email from “Susie” a follower of my column, who stated: “Several years ago I tore the recipe for this [Dolly Sods] cake from the Charleston Gazette. Many of my friends have asked for a copy and since this is a nice fall cake, I thought you might consider re-publishing the recipe. It’s a delicious cake and I loved the original story as well.”

For a little history, in 1998, I baked the cake for photographing for then-features reporter Bob Schwarz, who was covering the story.

Years later, I added a streusel topping and entered it in a baking contest where it captured first place.

So, Susie, while cranberries linger in the grocery store, here is the original recipe you requested to be shared.

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