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Taco Bell, the beloved establishment for all the “Mexican” food we have come to enjoy, has announced it will be tinkering with its menu. Tinkering, as in removing some items.

There has been a slight backlash to that bright idea. We can hope some of the best dishes remain.

Around here, some still lament the disappearance of the Mexi-Melt. Remember those? And so far I haven’t heard that its pizza is being shoved out.

In case it is, today will be your chance to make it whenever you like. I put it together years ago when our clan was still tots and it was easier to eat at home than taking our half-dozen out.

I was working on my version of Mexi-Melts when Taco Bell discontinued them, and I wasn’t able to get any to act as my experiment control.

For the pizza, I was intent on clinging to what I thought the official Taco Bell pizza contained, but you may change up the beef and toppings to suit your own imagination and desires.

Don’t be afraid to usher in a new degree of scrumptious for an old favorite.

The Taco Bell brand is specified in the recipe ingredient, but that is only because I thought those would help the homemade version come close to the original. You know to select whatever you like.

Now for something to go with the pizza — how about a spicy corn and rice dish that can be mild or really bring the heat just by selecting the right can of Ro-Tel?

Instant rice makes the cooking a cinch. Your hand in all the prep makes a serious impression.

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