From the Kitchen: Spicing up your fall

I love this time of year when tailgating recipes are everywhere. I get so many ideas for home parties that have nothing to do with sports, being a sports-challenged household.

Who doesn’t adore the savory, bite-size nibbles, creamy or chunky dips, heartier bowls of soups and chili, new approaches for steaks and ribs, and recipes for different twists on desserts?

Often in my recipe searches, I find that I can apply whatever is new about the recipe to a dish that has already become a family favorite.

I never tire of the ingenuity of tailgaters. I did a feature story on a couple die-hard tailgaters who were, back then, mainstays at Marshall games.

That was over 20 years ago, back when what has now become one of the classroom buildings was nothing but an empty lot.

Since we’re in tailgate time, I thought I would dust off the recipes for their specialties for those pre-game days.

The chicken and shrimp are spicy. You might be able to guess that from the recipe names – volcano and napalm.

The guys were so proud of what they cooked and happily shared their recipes. Thinking they had worked years perfecting their culinary art, I was surprised when I learned the chicken chef found his recipe on the back label of the spice bottle that he used.

And it could still be there. The shrimp treatment was discovered by the tailgate chef by way of an internet search.

I have marinated and stir-fried the recipes instead of making kabobs and tampering with a grill. I do that often as a time-saving step to a quick meal.

As I said, the recipes can be spicy. To help you cool your taste buds, I have recipes coming in a couple columns for homemade bloody Mary mix and a sour mix.

You might decide to hold on making these recipes until you can stir up some relief.


There’s a new product on the market I tried and liked and want to pass along to you. If you are looking for an alternative or addition to the famous pumpkin roll you might be making this holiday, Pillsbury has the answer.

I wasn’t on a search for something different, but the Pillsbury Cinnamon Bun Cake Mix was on prominent display in the baking aisle of Bigley Piggly Wiggly.

What further intrigued me was the recipe on the back of the box for Cinnamon Cream Cake Roll.

It involves the cake mix and the Pillsbury Creamy Superior Cinnamon Bun Frosting, which was handily displayed beneath the cake mixes.

It’s accomplished in the same manner as the pumpkin roll, which is, cake baked, then filled and rolled up. It met the high standards of the family critics.

I did cut the recipe in half because it makes two rolls and I only wanted one for testing.

There is also a suggested recipe on the box for banana spice cupcakes. Guess that can be the next project to test, using the half-box of cake mix that I have left.

In the past I’ve taken a very dim view of canned frosting, especially when they first came out.

But things have changed and the cinnamon cream frosting was very good. It gets blended into fresh whipped cream. How bad can that be?

I served the cake roll at a family “breakfast for dinner” meal. Maybe you would like to make it for any upcoming brunch or for it to saddle up with your Thanksgiving pumpkin roll.

The mix and frosting may be limited edition items, so I mentioned them now and not November.

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