From the Kitchen: The cookie-palooza continues

There has been another round of cookies shipped out for review, so I’m getting right to this second installment of recipe from our ongoing cookie-palooza.

But first I have to thank all the folks who road-tested and rated the new recipes, both in the McElwee Trial Kitchen and the Kanawha City DMV.

They are forever complimentary, but also observant, making notes on their preferences and how some cookies could be improved. I appreciate each and every one who participates in the palooza.

This time they had to evaluate Key Lime Kremes (may need more lime); Oatmeal-Scotch Sandwich Cookies (a hit with chewy oatmeal cookie sandwiched with a butterscotch whipped cream filling), and Turtle Cookies (good use of caramel bits).

Word also is getting out about the baking-a-rama we have going on. A gentle knock on my front door one recent Sunday evening was from neighbor, Beverly Charlton, covered plate in hand.

“I read about your cookie-palooza, and I wanted to share with you my mother’s applesauce cookies, a family standby,” she said.

She had made the cookies for their Sunday supper dessert. Delightful flavor and pillowy softness is what our family determined after tasting.

And Charlton wasn’t alone. Another Charleston resident arrived at our door bearing gifts.

“I knew you hadn’t yet made and tasted the Mocha Walnut Christmas Cookie you put in the paper a few columns ago,” said Barbara Meadows. “I wanted to see what you thought of it.”

So Barbara and her husband, Mike, in an effort to correct my lack of mocha cookie knowledge, arrived one sunny afternoon with a fresh batch for us all.

They seemed to be making more deliveries, so I’m glad they got to us early. And quickly, since Mike admitted the mocha dainties absolutely don’t last long around him.

The cookies were scrumptious, just as I suspected they would be from reading the recipe. It’s an intense chocolate cookie with chocolate pieces and chunky walnuts nestled inside.

Being born with a strong chocolate gene, I couldn’t resist the aroma coming from the gift box and dived in immediately. The cookies rang the bell on the flavor meter.

So onward and upward with recipes. I’m giving the one judged by the McElwee Cookie Tasters LLC, as the numero uno of the batch, the oatmeal-scotch, along with the Key Lime Kremes.

There is one more cookie coming that didn’t make this current batch because I had to wait until eggnog reached the dairy case.

It has, and I made Eggnog Meltaways and sent them around separately. So it will be printed next with the remaining one from this event, the Turtle Cookie.

That gets us caught up until early November, when the last shipment of four is due to be delivered to the appointed locations.

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Dyer, Lenora - 11 a.m., Perrow Presbyterian Church, Cross Lanes.

Haynes Jr., John - Noon, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Charleston.

Johnson, Charles - 1 p.m., O’Dell Funeral Home, Montgomery.

Lovejoy, Hevalene - 2 p.m., Rock Branch Independent Church.

Pate, Kenneth - 11 a.m., Allen Funeral Home, Hurricane.

Pearson, Deborah - 1 p.m., Akers-James Funeral Home, Logan.

Petry, Ruby - 7 p.m., Fidler and Frame Funeral Home, Belle.

Sypolt, Ernest - 7 p.m., Bartlett-Nichols Funeral Home, St. Albans.

White, Sharon - 6 p.m., Waybright Funeral Home, Ripley.

White, Terri - 2 p.m., Memory Gardens, Madison.

Wilkinson, Mary - 11 a.m., Koontz Funeral Home, Hamlin.