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“Eat your spinach!” Were those words ever spoken in your direction at the dinner table as a youngster? “Spinach” was often substituted with broccoli, peas, asparagus or green beans.

Why were our food preparers so intent upon forcing the green color on us, and why were we ever so reluctant?

We’ve grown up now, and maybe an aversion to those and other vegetables has been erased.

As an aside, I have always wondered if any fellows out there, in your younger days, ever believed the Popeye cartoon where cracking open a can of spinach and downing the contents would produce a biceps explosion.

In case you have come to embrace spinach, the recipes today are for adding to your culinary intake. Fresh spinach has always been a reliable component for a tossed salad for its taste and nutritional value.

We can also find it cooked and nicely tucked into lasagnas, stuffed shells, stuffed tomatoes and creamed, taking on the role of sidekick to a juicy steakhouse piece of beef.

The dressing on the salad is our family favorite for spinach. I was introduced to the recipe when we were members of a long-ago dinner club and haven’t looked at any other.

Its sweet-tart flavor blends well with the fruit in the salad and offsets the milder avocado.

I took a liberty with the enchilada sauce, calling upon McCormick’s for assistance.

For a sauce alternative, you may omit the mix, milk and sour cream and purchase about 24 ounces of canned red enchilada sauce or bottled salsa verde (green). Blend either sauce with a little half-and-half or heavy cream to achieve the creamy part.

The enchiladas would be welcome at any meal or party, especially a brunch. Though south of the border in heritage, let it pretend to be Italian with the inclusion of ricotta in the filling.

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