The Food Guy: And the area’s best pepperoni rolls are …

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Well, I was right about my call for the best pepperoni rolls in the Kanawha Valley opening up the floodgates. I asked, and so, so many of you answered, with a few places being nominated very passionately — and multiple times.

“I read your article soliciting opinions on great pepperoni rolls, and The Bucket in Dunbar has an offering that can only be described as sinful,” said reader Michael Hale. “It’s a deep-fried take on the West Virginia delicacy that is beyond compare. I limit myself to no more than one a week, closer to one a month, but it is a savory gem that I look forward to no matter my available restraint.”

Michael said you can enhance your roll with any traditional pizza topping they offer as well, so he adds mushrooms to his.

“They are prepared from fresh dough to order and hand-rolled,” he added. “You would be well-served to give them a try. The $5 half order is very filling and an entire order provides a meal for later for most.”

He had some support from others, too.

“The Bucket hands down has the best pepperoni rolls — try them out!” said Rex Parsons. Reader Jenna Lee Minadi agreed: “The Bucket has the best pepperoni rolls I’ve ever had.”

But it was a sweet shop in St. Albans that got the most pepperoni roll love.

“Lil’ Bit of Heaven Cupcakes has the absolute most delectable, tastiest pepperoni rolls I’ve ever had,” reported Cheri Bush. “They have tons of pepperoni and fresh cheese ... you’ve literally not had a pepperoni roll until you’ve been lucky enough to try these!”

She was not alone.

“Oh my... you HAVE to try Lil’ Bit of Heaven Cupcakes’ pepperoni rolls! Definitely the best around. So fresh and yummy!” said Maria Scipio Metheny.

“Lil’ Bit of Heaven Cupcakes has the most amazing pepperoni rolls! If you have never tried them then you are definitely missing out!” added Julie Henniger-Brightwell

“Lil’ Bit of Heaven by far! You must try them,” begged Amy Young.

“Lil’ Bit of Heaven has the best pepperoni rolls and customer service in West Virginia!” Julie Cozort said, with Faye Babcock adding: “There is pepperoni in every single bite and they are so good. They are truly a Lil’ Bit of Heaven!”

And gloriously, shop owner/cupcake baker Teri Blevins extended a special invitation for me to come try them myself.

“Food Guy, you are invited to come join us this Friday to taste our over-the-top and freshly baked pepperoni rolls! We would love to have you!”

I was out of town last Friday, but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be taking her up on that offer soon.

Other places receiving votes for the best pepperoni rolls in town …

“Tina at the Wheelhouse!” – MaryAnne Hammack

“I love the ones at Mountain Pie company in Saint Albans. Also, The Bucket has deep-fried pepperoni rolls.” – Shanda Forbes Harris

“As usual, a pepperoni roll at Big Joe’s is fantastic.” – Adam Harris

“I’m really fond of the Swiftwater Café pepperoni rolls.” – Josh Saul

“T&M Meats, aka Brick Oven Bistro, has the best pepperoni rolls.” – Shannon Hughes

“I haven’t tried them myself, but have it on good authority that Books & Brews’ pepperoni rolls are very good.” – Mark Dean

“Let us know and we will getcha’ some hot out of the oven just for you!” – Morgan Morrison, Rock City. (Oh yeah!)

And finally: “There is only one decent pepperoni roll within 50 miles of Charleston. The Marathon V-Mart in Comfort. Hands down the best in the state.” – Fred Hill

Fred, having friends who swear by everything you can possibly buy or eat at the Valero quick mart in Jane Lew, I can’t discount your nomination.

Looks like I have a few places to add to my must-visit list.


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