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Today I’ll share a Mexican-flaired take-off on standard lasagna that doesn’t include any stacking of the usual flour or corn tortillas.

It does have lasagna noodles to keep it real and the ingredient cast of characters can have any Mexican or Tex-Mex seasonings.

I chose what used to be called Mrs. Dash, but recent changes have made it simply “Dash.” Have you noticed?

If you have a taco or even chili seasoning on hand, you can use it. Or toss in your degree of spice with chili powder and cumin.

The recipe called for 24 ounces of your favorite salsa, but I mellowed out the sharpness of the salsa with a good marinara sauce.

Put together the broccoli quiche, sans crust, for a good side dish, if indeed you don’t opt for serving it at a breakfast or brunch.

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It goes into the oven at the same time and temp as the lasagna and comes out pretty close in the oven race. Everything is already cooked in the lasagna. It just has to get melty cheesy and hot through.

As for dessert, our 1980s family chocolate mousse pie is included. The recipe came about when one of our then-teenage daughters was watching the TV show, “Three’s Company.” Anyone remember the program?

John Ritter’s character was in culinary training and had made a chocolate mousse pie that was to be judged by his teacher for an important grade.

Suzanne Summers, one of his roommates, saw it in the fridge and ate it. My daughter, who was watching the show in the kitchen as I was cooking, asked if I thought I could make it.

That decade was very, very pre-Google and I didn’t yet have a recipe. I went to work and came up with one.

Since then, I’ve made a slight change from my original mousse but it still remains an easy no-bake and no egg yolk filling. Hope you enjoy!

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Editor’s Note : Next week’s edition of From the Kitchen will be Judy Grigoraci’s final column. For years, she has been offering reality-based recipes and no-nonsense tips for busy families and cooks who want to cut down on time but not flavor.

Do you have a favorite From the Kitchen recipe? A piece of advice you found particularly helpful? Send it in to by Wednesday, March 24, with “From the Kitchen” in the subject line. We’ll run some of the responses we get in Judy’s final column — and pass them all to her to enjoy reading when she’s not busy cooking.

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