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This week marks the beginning of many holiday dining events. Although, haven’t we been cooking, baking and eating (perhaps too often) during the past seven months? Guilty!

We may as well start with breakfast or brunch, focusing on different ways to enjoy eggs.

If cheese is in your DNA, the savory baked eggs will satisfy any dairy cravings.

The casserole provides the taste of a cheese soufflé minus the worry of a deflating episode.

Green onions and an egg seasoning spark up the flavor. The recipe for egg seasoning is included so you can try what may be a new-to-you blend. Wrap the mixture in egg-y splendor by way of today’s recipes.

As a note, I have several (14 at last count) homemade seasonings that I’ll share in weeks to come.

I will acknowledge up front that there are scads of spices and herbs ready to go without tampering with producing your own blends.

Why go into making special composites? I do it because sometimes the store-bought doesn’t have the taste I’m looking for, such as in a curry.

Another reason is that salt can be eliminated or controlled. Once glance at the ingredients labels on the most frequently used and those with eye-catching titles, you will see salt proclaimed as numero uno.

The egg seasoning can do duty as a mix-in for plain scrambled and deviled eggs or sprinkled on hard-boiled.

I would give you the recipe for making your own bubble gum — yes, bubble gum; it was a fragment of our past history — but the ingredients most likely have disappeared.

Back when our gang o’ six were young, there was an article on such a project with ordering instructions on how to obtain what was needed.

Thank goodness it didn’t have me tapping into a rubber tree. I sent for the supplies and we proceeded with the making.

Let’s just say Bubblicious and Hubba Bubba would never experience a sleepless night over our trial run.

If you are searching for a little more oomph of flavor, go for the Mexican eggs. Just like the cheesy eggs, this one is simple and easy and allows you to make it as spicy as you like with your cheese and salsa selection. I didn’t say, but the egg seasoning could find its way into that recipe, too. As could some cayenne pepper.

Pull it all together and ring the morning-meal bell. Or how about serving either dish as breakfast for dinner? Except I say supper. What about you?

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