Referencing the American Begonia Society, there are over 1,000 named species in the begonia genus or family, and they are often divided into seven different categories. Some are much more common than others, so for the sake of this column, let’s focus on two of the well-known types — cane and wax.

Around this time each year, I start getting calls from family, friends and the general public asking about sick or under-performing apple trees. Most of these calls revolve around the same three questions:

Dearest readers, I have a secret. Sort of. Not really, though it’s perhaps not the common knowledge one might expect. Quite simply, it is this: Gardening is an incredibly accessible and feasible hobby, as long as you approach it with flexibility and without specific expectations.

A couple weeks back, I did a talk for the Kanawha County Master Gardeners Association on the basics of worm husbandry — more commonly called vermicomposting. I have done three such talks in the past six months. I guess it is safe to say, worms are crawling into the mainstream.

Esther McQuain of St. Albans looks through a packages of seeds at a seed giveaway hosted by the Capitol Conservation Office, located at the United States Department of Agriculture on Goff Mountain Road in Cross Lanes. The program has gone on for several years and gives away out-of-date seeds…

Aside from, “How do I get deer to stop eating my flowers?” the No. 1 question people ask me is, “When is the best time to prune my [fill in the blank]?”

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