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One of the most frustrating ways to start your day could be simply walking into your closet.

Do you ever throw up your hands in disgust and choose the first thing you see to wear because everything is so disorganized and cluttered? For the past couple of years, Yeager Design & Interiors has worked with New Dawn Organizing Solutions to help our clients out of their “hot mess” closet disasters.

We would like to share with you two of the most notable transformations we have witnessed. Misty Riddle of New Dawn Organizing Solutions tackled these projects and agreed to share with you some of her tricks of the trade.

Our first before-and-after has been featured on our blog many times in our Camelot Series. The client had a sizable closet but lacked the correct storage capabilities and organization to be able to access all her beautiful clothes, purses and shoes. Misty partnered with Autumn Price with Affordable Closet Systems for the design and the installation of a brand new system that would begin the process of her transition to a dream closet.

Misty not only sorted all the contents of our client’s closet, she also hung clothing by type and color-coded each section to make outfit selection a breeze.

She paid close attention to our client’s extensive shoe and bag collection. By designing multiple shelves in vertical stacks, New Dawn was able to fit and show off each pair of shoes. She also used cloth organizer boxes to keep all the designer bags visible and accessible.

Perhaps my favorite part of this installation was the island that contained a dirty clothes hamper, sunglasses and underwear drawers, which YDI accessorized with a beautiful chandelier and flower arrangement to give it an added element of glamour.

Our next featured closet installation was a tad bit more complicated. New Dawn Organizing Solutions was charged with possibly the most clothing Misty had ever seen in a single home.

It was for a husband-and-wife team, and just like the previous closet, the current configuration was inadequate. The wire rack shelving gave them no personalized storage solutions and were beginning to bow under the pressure of all their hanging clothing.

The wife never felt like she could find any of her clothes, and the husband’s area was relegated to a small corner of the back. They seemed to be in a no-win situation until YDI hooked them up with New Dawn Organizing Solutions. Misty met with our clients and helped them figure out the perfect storage solution design that would solve all of their clutter problems.

Again, she partnered with Autumn Price with Affordable Closet Solutions to secure the perfect product and installation. After sorting through all of their clothing and helping them weed out what they no longer wore, Misty was ready to start her installation.

Similar to our previous client, all white built-ins were used to segment and separate the couple’s clothing and accessories. This created a clean and bright space that would help ease the getting-ready process each morning.

Also, like the other closet, the use of fabric organizer bins was implemented to house purses, underwear, sweaters, belts, and any other loose accessories the clients possessed. The result of the installation was a streamlined dream closet that was not only pretty to look at but also aided in the client’s everyday routine.

Recently, Misty and I sat down, and I asked her for some professional tips that I could share with you, our readers, that could help you simplify your closet disasters as well.

  • Review. Eliminate. Repeat.

Review your closet and eliminate items that you haven’t worn or used in the last year. Go with your first instinct. Don’t overthink it. Once you’ve made your first round of cuts, go back through again and be even more judicial with your decisions. An added tip: If you are tight on space, store seasonal items and rotate your things out when you need them.

  • Sort. Sort. Sort.

Sort wardrobe, shoes and accessories by style and color for quick and easy accessibility. Separating out each section will keep you from getting overwhelmed and create an easy and accessible getting ready routine. Using the same type and color of hangers for all of your clothing will also make things look very streamlined.

  • Bins. Containers. Hooks.

Select coordinating bins or containers to hold and categorized loose accessories. Don’t be afraid to add some wall hooks for extra scarves, robes or towels.

As always, Yeager Design & Interiors is happy an honored to bring you the latest in design details in our area. We hope we have inspired you today to create, simplify and make your life beautiful.

Elizabeth Yeager Cross is the owner of Yeager Design & Interiors in Scott Depot. You can follow YDI on Facebook, and Yeager Cross can be reached at 304-760-8914 or by email at Have a design challenge? Find out what our area experts have to say! Send your questions — even photos — and a summary of what you’d like help with, along with your contact information, to The solution to your design challenge could be featured in a future WV Design Team article.

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