The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently reported that the summer of 2019 was tied for the hottest on record for the Northern Hemisphere. Had the weather run true to form, August would have been a little cooler and, by the end of September, chilly autumn breezes would’ve …

Our hills were shrouded this morning with a misty fog, which was soon burned off by the rising sun, which made a perfect autumn day. A wayward breeze riffled through the leaves, many of them turning yellow, and lent a cooling factor to the air. The sourwood is turning red on our Clay County …

When I was a little girl, a favorite uncle, who drank a lot and lived his life quite loosely in general, caused a lot of family confusion with a tactless remark.

The autumn season will be officially here in just a few days, but her coming has already been announced by several signs. We are now sweltering under hot September sunshine every day, and awaiting some needed rain. The creek has dried up to a few small puddles, as heat waves vibrate upon the…

I was watching an old movie over the weekend that I’m sure everybody has seen. I’ve watched “Ghost” over and over and the final scene gets me every time. Now, Hollywood is never even remotely correct concerning heaven. But one of the last lines of this movie comes awfully close.

Bad days respect no one. We all have them occasionally. My day was so unpleasant yesterday that, by late evening, I was ready to hide in a closet and not come out until someone sounded the all-clear.

A small, yellow butterfly flits through the fading blossoms on the Rose of Sharon bush, as if searching for nectar or pollen. The fields and meadows are full of wild sunflowers, including the giant sunflower, which gets its common name from the height of the plant and not from the size of it…

Growing up, I always knew it was going to be a good day when I heard my mother say the words, “God’s in His Heaven; all’s right with the world.” I wasn’t sure what the words meant then — but I knew all I needed to know: Days were much better when she said them.

It was billed as a holy journey, a pilgrimage with West Virginia Bishop Michael Bransfield to “pray, sing and worship” at the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. Catholics from remote areas of one of the nation’s poorest states paid up to $190 for seats on overnight buses and hotel rooms.

After watching TV coverage of Hurricane Dorian’s intensity, first and foremost on my mind was my lifelong friend, Carol, who lives in Melbourne, Florida. No matter what I tried to do, the image of this major threat to her kept interrupting my thoughts and I accomplished nothing.

Another blue-sky day graces our hills, although there are lingering hints that fall is creeping nearer and nearer. The green foliage on the trees has now a yellowing tint, as the leaves prepare to put on their autumn garments. The cry of the katydids grow more urgent each night, as if they k…

Some people remember dreams and some don’t. I am in the first category, for not only do I remember dreams, but I can go back into them if I want to do so — even days later. Bad ones? I never want to go back into them, but good ones or strange ones stay with me for a long time.

The month of August slips away and fall has laid a cooling hand upon summer’s fevered brow, bringing lovely days and cooler nights. Blending in with the yellow of the goldenrod, the blue of the gentian, and the purple of the ironweed is the bright yellow of our county school buses.

Preparing dinner was unusually difficult for me this evening. I don’t especially like to cook, and it seems I have more than my share of bad days in the kitchen. I burn my fingers, make unnecessary messes, overcook things and have trouble getting everything ready at the same time. My mother …

Twilight trails dusky fingers across the land tonight, cooling the edges of the sun-scorched day and bringing night to the hills once more. There is a definite note of fall felt in the air now, reflected in the cooler nights and seen in the more flamboyant wildflowers that bloom in the meado…

Funerals for Thursday, October 17, 2019

Bright-Kinder, Joy - 1 p.m., Cooke Funeral Home, Cedar Grove.

Clemons, Geneva - 2 p.m., Elizabeth Memorial United Methodist Church, Charleston.

Cooper, Patty - 1 p.m., Mt. Hope Cemetery, Slaughters Creek.

Edwards, Patricia - 7 p.m., Bartlett - Nichols Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Forney, Goldie - 2 p.m., Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Hamlin.

Harless, Billy - 2 p.m., Armstrong Funeral Home, Whitesville.

Hearn, Mary - 11 a.m., First Presbyterian Church, St. Albans.

Jones, Dakota - 11 a.m., Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery, Dunbar.

Lovejoy, Tony - 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.

Lyons Sr., Dennis - 1 p.m., Reger Funeral Chapel, Huntington.

Mullins, Christina - 2 p.m., WV Memorial Gardens, Calvin. 

O'Dell, Larry - 1 p.m., Taylor Funeral Home, Spencer.

Steadman, Thelma - 1 p.m., Casdorph & Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Taylor, Roger - 11 a.m., Koontz Funeral Home, Hamlin.

VanMatre, Eddie - Noon, Grace Baptist Church, Point Pleasant.