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I believe in prayer, don’t you? I’ve written about the power of prayer in several Essays on Faith. An old song says, “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.”

I just thanked a friend yesterday for praying for me through some personal stuff. She said I was on her prayer list. I replied, “Thank you. Nobody has prayer lists anymore!”

I’ve found some of my old, old prayer lists and I am blessed by what I read. God has provided so many answers to those prayers I’ve scribbled down on paper.

Forgive me for repeating myself, but the greatest challenge in receiving great things from God is holding on for the last half hour. Keep praying, tie a knot in your rope and keep holding on.

I hear so many heartbreaking requests from sweet people with loved ones that are running from God. Well, yesterday I heard an amazing account of God answering the prayers of some faithful, godly parents.

I passed it on to a heart broken friend, let me tell it again ...

This is not a local story, but it’s true and it’s powerful. It’s about a man that grew up in a Christian home, then left town to make a name for himself in a rock band. He did very well too. His group rose to the top of the charts. They did a tour of Europe, not once, but twice. And of course they did all the partying that accompanies that lifestyle.

This fellow said it was so easy to follow the crowd. He married and started a family. But whenever his parents came to visit, they always prayed for him before they left.

The band was again touring overseas and this rockstar says that while going through Spain, God got ahold of him, and all of his defenses melted away. When he got home to his wife, he just fell to his knees, asking her forgiveness and God’s.

He broke up the band and went into the construction business with his father, the faithful father that never stopped praying for his boy. He started attending a local church and soon they asked him to become the worship leader there. He began writing songs for his Lord and Savior and the rest is history. One of his songs is called Chain Breaker. “He’s a way maker, He’s a pain taker, He’s a prison shaking Savior, there’s a better life.”

Powerful words. True words.

Hang on heartbroken parents. Don’t give up faithful siblings. God wants to answer our prayers. He needs our faith to do it. I told my friend that her child is going to come back to God with an amazing testimony. So will your child, brother, sister, friend. Tie a knot and hang on.

Theda Workman lives in Tornado.

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