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We’ve been roasting our foods for eons — literally since the birth of fire. And trendy sheet-pan cooking has definitely built a cadre of followers (myself included). But one of the gains post pandemic is the uptick in folks cooking at home wanting to expand their repertoire — not only in the caliber of what foods they cook, but also the technical skills required. Pursuing a more balanced diet and eating with our health in mind is right up there, also.

Thanksgiving is certainly an occasion to showcase those new skills. While casting about in books on smoking, reverse cooking, poaching and more, I came upon one idea that excited me. Enter the steaming basket! After reading up, I realized this would make a worthy experiment. The method promised simpler set up and prep, along with — and most importantly — a shorter cooking period.

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Joy Marr is a freelance writer, longtime caterer, cooking instructor and all around outdoor enthusiast. You can find her at her backyard fire pit in Fayette County and on Facebook at Gourmet on the Gorge.

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