Cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are three vegetables I do not grow in my garden. After several unsuccessful attempts, I gave up trying to battle worms, bugs and fickle weather. These cole crops are also prone to a number of diseases.

The origin of meatloaf is unclear. Some say it emerged around the fifth century in medieval Europe. It was a way to use meat scraps that were nearly spoiled. The scraps were finely diced and blended with nuts, fruits, herbs and spices. This was a great way to stretch protein in the diet.

This is the time of year that gardeners in our area begin to plant potatoes. Planting potatoes two or three weeks before the last frost date will generally produce satisfactory results, since potatoes are cool weather vegetables.

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality on Virginia Street East in Charleston is an ecumenical center for prayer and spiritual growth. Its ministry promotes spiritual life through silence, prayer, retreats, education, spiritual direction, and interfaith dialogue.

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