In a political era when bipartisan is practically a dirty word, West Virginia politicians united in opposition to Major League Baseball’s proposal to eliminate 42 minor league baseball teams, including three of the four minor league teams in the state.

When Secretary of State Mac Warner‘s office provided me with a project schedule for installation of the Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) system that will transmit voter data from Charleston to county clerks’ offices, it reminded me of an Amtrak timetable: Lots of padding built into the schedule.

One of the more interesting aspects of Gov. Jim Justice’s refusal to comply with the constitutional requirement that he (and other constitutional officers) reside at the seat of government is the argument that he and his defenders make, contending that advances in transportation and technolo…

Having covered it from its inception in 1989 to the present day, I have a special regard for the state Ethics Commission, so it is good to hear lawmakers calling for tougher ethics laws in light of the Gazette-Mail/ProPublica investigation into Gov. Jim Justice‘s myriad potential conflicts o…

July 30: “Nothing on this planet could make me more proud than just right now, this minute, being able to sign this bill.” — Gov. Jim Justice, at the bill signing for legislation giving a $12.5 million a year tax break to FirstEnergy’s Pleasants Power Station.

Quote of the week, from a release from Gov. Jim Justice’s reelection campaign: “West Virginia’s coal industry, which was on life support during Barack Obama and the Democrats’ War on Coal, is seeing a revival under Jim Justice’s leadership. The governor led the fight to reduce the coal sever…

Without getting into the merits of the West Virginia Education Association’s pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of omnibus education bill 3.0, it’s long past time to have the courts revisit issues regarding legislative abuses of the single object rule of the state Constitution.

Line of the week: “It’s not easy to live in the Sahara, or the North Pole, or West Virginia, but it still beats Mars.” — Bill Maher, during a monologue on HBO’s “Real Time” arguing against plans to send astronauts to Mars.

I was reminiscing this week with a former statehouse reporter about how in the not-too-distant past, governors would not call and legislative leaders would not ask to be called into special session until they had locked in consensus on the issue or issues at hand.

Funerals for Monday, January 20, 2020

Coles, Kermit - Noon, Nitro Church of God, Nitro.

Craft, Kim - 11 a.m., Whatcoat United Methodist Church, White Sulphur Springs.

Cutlip, Ruby - 1 p.m., Greene - Robertson Funeral Home, Sutton.

Lawson, Edward - 7 p.m., Lincoln Drive Community Church, South Charleston.

Legg, Wanda - 11 a.m., Keller Funeral Home, Dunbar.

Miller, Charles - 3 p.m., Tyler Mountain Funeral Home, Cross Lanes.

Mitchell, Joshua - 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.

Scott, Linda - 1 p.m., Curry Funeral Home, Alum Creek.

Tincher, Joe - 1 p.m., Lantz Funeral Home, Alderson.

Wilcox, Brandon - 7 p.m., Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane.