Without getting into the merits of the West Virginia Education Association’s pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of omnibus education bill 3.0, it’s long past time to have the courts revisit issues regarding legislative abuses of the single object rule of the state Constitution.

Line of the week: “It’s not easy to live in the Sahara, or the North Pole, or West Virginia, but it still beats Mars.” — Bill Maher, during a monologue on HBO’s “Real Time” arguing against plans to send astronauts to Mars.

I was reminiscing this week with a former statehouse reporter about how in the not-too-distant past, governors would not call and legislative leaders would not ask to be called into special session until they had locked in consensus on the issue or issues at hand.

In 2016, West Virginians elected a president and a governor, in significant part, believing them to be highly successful businessmen, and with the hope that they would be able to apply that business acumen to the world of politics, even though neither had much in the way of prior governmenta…

Those who make their livings building roads are concerned that the Justice administration has imposed an informal moratorium on awarding construction contracts while Gov. Jim Justice tries to figure how he’s going to shift money around to get more funding into secondary road maintenance.

Even though it wasn’t that long ago, I find myself waxing nostalgic for the days when legislative leaders, faced with an issue of some significance, would gather stakeholders around the table to hash out details of proposed legislation.

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