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One of the benefits of working as a newspaper journalist is never having to appear on camera to deliver my work in real time.

The idea of presenting an unscripted live report from the scene of a news event, as my colleagues in the television side of the trade are often called upon to do, is terrifying to me.

I can picture myself freezing up, mumbling incoherently, or mispronouncing someone’s name, but not confidently delivering a snippet of news while nonchalantly gazing into a camera as it transmits my words and image to thousands of viewers.

I prefer the relative anonymity of writing for a newspaper, in which my work appears many hours, sometimes days, after it was written.

Maybe that’s why I am so impressed with Russian weather reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina. She was delivering a live weather report from a park in Moscow for Mir Television when a golden retriever streaked into her stand-up scene, grabbed her microphone from her hand and ran away with it at full tilt.

Footage of the scene went viral on Friday, after the station posted it on Twitter. I first saw it posted on Newsweek’s website.

Wearing a red chest harness, the dog had apparently escaped from its handler and was enjoying a romp of freedom when it spotted Serezhkina holding up her multicolored mic — or to the dog, toy.

According to captioning accompanying the footage, the weather reporter was telling viewers that spring had arrived in Moscow, where the temperature was expected to reach 48 later in the day, when the dog barged into the scene, mouthed the microphone and galloped away.

Though startled, the reporter immediately gave chase, yelling for the dog to stop.

Meanwhile, back in the Mir studio, a wide-eyed colleague told viewers the station had temporarily lost contact with Serezhkina.

A few moments later, a rather proud-looking dog, the reporter and her partially chewed microphone were back on camera. Serezhkina had the presence of mind to shake hands with the dog and tell viewers, “Take it from me — the weather is just right for walking your dog.”

All in all, it was a memorable sound bite.

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