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Spoiler alert: Last week, recording artist, presidential candidate and Harriet Tubman denier Kanye West collected more than twice the number of signatures needed to secure a spot on West Virginia’s General Election ballot.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, West — or to be precise, people working for West — turned in more than 15,000 registered voter signatures prior to a deadline on Monday. Only 7,144 signatures were needed to qualify.

Since announcing his late-launching bid to run for president on July 4, West has nailed down ballot space in at least 11 states, after landing slots in Colorado and Ohio by last Thursday.

Democrats recently began calling out the celebrity’s presidential bid as a ruse to draw Black voters away from presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden in order to benefit Donald Trump, whom West has enthusiastically backed. West admitted as much in a Forbes interview on Thursday, after stating that he was not so much running for president as “walking” for it.

That prompted Democrats to file suit Friday in a bid to keep West’s name off the ballot in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the President told reporters that he had nothing to do with West’s bid for president and had no idea why he was seeking his job. He cut off questioning with his oft-used conversation-ender, “We’ll see what happens.”

West still managed to pick a female running mate before Biden, while simultaneously designing a school within a month’s time, then setting up a “meeting with [Education Secretary] Betsy DeVos to discuss its post-Covid curriculum.”

West’s vice presidential pick is Michelle Tidball, a 57-year-old “Biblical Life Coach” and former psychologist from Cody, Wyoming, which West also lists as his hometown on his West Virginia filing statement. According to the New Yorker, Tidball also works in a Wyoming dental office.

While many observers are writing off the Kanye West candidacy as a joke, spoiler fringe candidates have a pretty decent track record in West Virginia. A case in point is perennial presidential candidate Keith Judd, a Texas prison inmate with perhaps the world’s most extreme mullet, who was serving a 17-year sentence for extortion in 2012. During the Democratic primary that year, Judd managed to outpoll Barack Obama in nine counties, and collect 41% of the vote.

Eight years later, West Virginia voters could be ready for an even more radical change, and instead of favoring Biden or Trump, opt for Kanye and Kim ... and Michelle.

As a member of the Anyone but Trump camp, such an outcome would be less than ideal, but I could probably roll with that punch.

As a friend and classmate of Tidball’s told the New Yorker, “We’d all be safer with Michelle next to Kanye than Pence next to Trump.”

And, hopefully, voters in other states would have more sense.

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