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It just makes too much sense. Or at least that’s what both parties say about Manpower’s new partnership with BridgeValley Community and Technical College.

The Huntington-based staffing company has teamed up with the school to create the Tri-State Recruitment Initiative. It’s a program aimed at bolstering job placement candidacy for BridgeValley students and alumni through Manpower’s career-preparedness resources and recruiters.

Zach Treister, Manpower’s director of business development who oversees corporate partnerships, says the union solves a simple equation: BridgeValley’s goal is to prepare students for entry into the area’s workforce, while Manpower’s business is all about filling jobs with qualified candidates.

“We help hundreds of companies regionally across the tri-state with finding a workforce that they need,” Treister said. “We have all these schools in the area that are preparing folks for entering the workforce. But I think often times there is a missing bridge for students or graduates wondering, ‘How am I to get the best first, second or third job in order to be best positioned for the long run?’ That’s the conversation we kept coming back to and BridgeValley was just in full support with working with us.”

Though the two entities have had unofficial relationships in the past, serious discussions to form a concrete partnership began during the summer. Talks will resume over the next few weeks to outline tangible goals before officially launching at the first of the year. Initials plans are to focus on graduates of the upcoming spring semester with regards to job placement.

“By partnering, both Manpower and BridgeValley can better meet business and economic needs throughout our region,” said Crystal Berry, vice president of marketing and communications for BridgeValley. “Through a shared partnership and an integrated public/private workforce investment system, our goal is to better align efforts between regional stakeholders to better promote and develop the Greater Charleston community.”

BridgeValley officials didn’t disclose numbers, but said that enrollment has actually increased when compared to this time last year. As far as the new alignment with Manpower, classes and faculty during the school year will have the use of some Manpower resources, including resume assistance, an expanded number of internship opportunities and access to its database of more than 4,000 online extended education courses.

And, again both parties say it’s a win-win marriage.

“The goal is to forge a link that will fulfill the needs of all parties involved,” Berry said. “Students have more employment options, BridgeValley gains a strategic employment partner and Manpower can align job opportunities with more applicants. BridgeValley and Manpower are committed to strengthening our employment outlook for our region and creating more opportunities for regional stakeholders.”